E36 | Sweatshirt
E36 | Sweatshirt
E36 | Sweatshirt
E36 | Sweatshirt

E36 | Sweatshirt

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Replacing the E30 was never going to be an easy feat. The world had changed a great deal so the E36 had a lot to live up to. Designed by Pinky Lai (great name) and Boyke Boyer, the third generation 3 series was heavily dependant on aerodynamics and other new areas of technology where refinement and efficiency would become joint objectives in BMW products. The E36 was larger (13 cm longer wheelbase), more powerful, impregnably reliable, equally frugal and a higher quality product than its predecessor, handling was improved via multi link rear suspension and the M3 range saw a surge of 60% more power with its 3.2L six cylinder S50B32 engine (that would serve as a base for McLaren F1's power unit). Showered with awards throughout its lifespan and racing wins with the M3 GTR and 320i, the E36 left us as a defining icon of the 90's. 

Carded interior
Elastane rib and double stitch on cuffs, collar and bottom.
Reinforcing tape at neck


80% Cotton

20% Polyester



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