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When you're referring to 90's icons, the Escort RS Cosworth needs to be, at least, at the TOP3. 
Initially produced as an homologation special, featuring several 'locked' Motorsport specifications that might be used on a road legal spec, this Cossie was an almost racecar for street use. 
Performance wise, using the Sierra Cosworth platform, Ford changed the powertrain positioning from the normal Escort thus permitting a true permanent four wheel drive with a 34/66 front-rear ratio. This spec allowed highly tunable YBT engine to put all its rage to the ground. 
The beefy body in conjunction with the iconic outrageously large rear wing was eye-watering for an all-generations car lovers. Well, this popularity, was as good as it was bad to all Cossie owners, putting the Escort RS Cosworth in the same TOP3 of stolen cars of that Era, being highly appreciated for outlaw and shady activities for its capability of transport stolen goods and, of course, the ability to easily out run Police hot pursuits.
The DRIVE LIKE YOU STOLE IT is the Petrolheart Classic edition that remembers the coolest road-legal Cossie ever made. An icon from the 90's in all its glory. Get your DRIVE LIKE YOU STOLE IT edition before some thug steals it from you!!

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