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With only 502 road going examples ever built, 500 being black, the long named Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16v Evolution II was apparently completely sold out before it was presented at Geneva in 1990. The Evo II wore a heavily revised bodykit compared to its predecessor, this was developed in a wind tunnel at the university of Stuttgart by  Prof. Richard Eppler where it famously reduced drag and increased downforce. Rumours had it, that BMW's research and development chief,  Wolfgang Reitzle commented:  "the laws of aerodynamics must be different between Munich and Stuttgart; if that rear wing works, we'll have to redesign our wind tunnel." Apparently, they did! The Evo II went on to emphatically dominate the 1992 DTM series with the championship win and 46 podium finishes.

Premium gloss photo-paper, 220g

Dimensions - 70x50cm

*Frame not included

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